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Safety and security - the good life

  • 1Selected pipe national standard Q355B vertical pole
    High quality raw materials, high strength, strong overall compressive performance, smooth products, smooth cutting, wear-resistant
  • 2welding technique
    Connection technology, make the interface more firm, corrosion resistant, strengthen the overall strength, no deformation
  • 3One stop service center
    The factory direct sale category is rich, the quality is reliable, the price is preferential, the delivery is quick

  • 4Quality assurance factory direct sales
    Starting from the raw materials to strictly control the quality, the products are tested by the quality inspection, supervision and inspection center Engineers continue to test repeatedly with high standards, and are highly praised by customers in terms of accuracy and stability
  • 5Advantages of production scale
    Steel company, long-term, cost-effective, cost-effective, long-term, cost-effective, cost-effective, long-term, cost-effective, cost-effective, long-term, cost-effective, cost-effective, cost-effective, long-term, cost-effective, cost-effective, cost-effective, long-term, cost-effective, cost-effective, cost-effective
  • 6Considerate service, worry free after sale
    We have a professional team to patiently answer all doubts for customers before sales; we will provide technical guidance and provide technical service support; if we encounter any problems in the later stage, we will give timely solutions and try our best to solve the actual problems

Product field

A professional scaffolding business to provide customers with one-stop service

Enter Hanxia vitality mark

Shanghai Hanxia Trading Co., Ltd. focuses on the production, leasing, sales and construction of turnbuckle scaffold as a whole service provider, introduces new international formwork support system products, and carries out technical upgrading in combination with the characteristics of China's construction industry, forming a unique "Hanxia formwork system" and "Hanxia support system". The products are widely used in construction, bridge and tunnel Equipment installation, stage building, decoration, oil field, shipbuilding and other industries.

The company has a professional technology research center and other efficient innovation team, a complete and scientific quality management system, and continues to invest in technology research and development, strict quality and scientific management, to provide customers with safe and assured products

Maintenance method of Disc-Lock Steel Tubular Scaffold

During the use of the Disc-Lock Steel Tubular Scaffold, the quality of the upright pole, horizontal pole, horizontal slash, vertical diagonal pole and accessories on the scaffold body shall be checked regularly, and the problems shall be solved in time. And clear the surface binder, and should do a good job in maintenance, at the same time should be in accordance with the manufacturer, varieties, specifications respectively stacked.