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If the disc scaffold is corroded, do you have any solution?

Many large-scale projects basically use the plate type scaffold. Today, Shanghai Hanxia plate type scaffold company will tell you about these advantages of the plate type scaffold

1. Improve the efficiency of construction work. One man hammer can also quickly complete the construction work, reduce the man hour and labor cost!

2. The construction site has become "tall and high". The construction site can also get rid of the "mess" when the scaffold is erected!

3. The money of fastener is saved, and the frame is more firm and stable. There is no need to worry about the fastener fracture. The socket and socket joint of the disc buckle is welded with the vertical pole. There is no need for fastener, and there is no sliding and fragmentation!

4. The safety of construction personnel is more guaranteed. The load of Q345 pole is up to 200kn, and each joint is equipped with diagonal rod, the bearing capacity and stability of the frame are better!

5. It saves more than half of the steel consumption compared with the traditional scaffold! What kind of steel pipe fastener, bowl buckle and wheel buckle are all out, and the steel saving and safe plate buckle scaffold is the first choice for construction!

6. The turnbuckle scaffold has a super long life of more than 15 years, and the single use cost must be lower than that of bamboo scaffold. The inside and outside of the turnbuckle scaffold is hot-dip galvanized, which can achieve waterproof, fireproof and rust proof. It doesn't need to spend money to do maintenance work. It saves money and trouble!
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