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Explain five core advantages of Hanxia Disc-Lock Steel Tubular Scaffold

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     The multi-functional scaffold with turnbuckle is an upgraded product after the bowl buckle scaffold. The vertical pole of the scaffold adopts 60mm diameter, 48mm diameter, 3.2mm wall, q355b steel pipe as the main component. The disc has diameter of 10 mm. Eight holes are opened on the disc, and the connection holes of horizontal pole and inclined pole are set.

1: Secure

1.由于立杆采用Q345低碳合金钢材质,其承载力大大提高。1. Because the vertical pole is made of Q345 low carbon alloy steel, its bearing capacity is greatly improved.

2. In the process of traditional scaffold erection, the bowl buckle is not locked, the fastener is not tightened, and so on. The workers are often injured. The unique diagonal rod structure of the pan buckle scaffold forms a triangle geometry invariant structure, which is the most stable and safe.

3. The turnbuckle scaffold is gradually popularized and used in the market, with good product quality, material and wall thickness meeting relevant standards. Gradually popularized, the product quality is good, the material, the wall thickness can meet the relevant standards. 3.盘扣式脚手架在市场上正逐步推广使用,产品质量较好,材质,壁厚都能符合相关标准。逐步推广使用,产品质量较好,材质,壁厚都能符合相关标准。


2: High efficiency of erection and dismantling, saving construction period.
1. Simple installation, one hammer can complete the installation.
2. For the full scaffold, set up the formwork support, and one worker can set up more than 100m3 on average in one day.
3. For the construction operation frame, one worker can erect more than 150 cubic meters in an average day.
4. The comprehensive economic benefits brought by time saving are obvious. The simplest algorithm is to multiply the daily average cost of the whole project by the shortened time limit.

3: Beautiful image, improve the image of the project.
1. The inside and outside of the turnbuckle scaffold are hot-dip galvanized, with silver appearance, and the erected scaffold works are very beautiful.
2. All the turnbuckle scaffolds are stored and packed by the packing frame. The site of erection, demolition, storage and transportation is clean and beautiful.
3. The processing accuracy of the members is higher than that of the traditional scaffold, the erection effect is horizontal and vertical, safe and beautiful.

4: No parts are lost, and the members are not easy to be damaged
1. The turnbuckle scaffold is only movable, but due to the special structural design and bolt activity, it can't get out of the bar, so as to ensure that there are no scattered parts, easy to manage and not easy to lose.

2. The accessories of the turnbuckle scaffold are made of steel plate stamping parts, and the plug of the horizontal bar is made of steel casting, which is stronger than the cast iron of the traditional scaffold and is not easy to be damaged.

3. The cost of loss and damage is considerable.

5: Multi functional scaffold can be set up.
1. Unique diagonal rod design, diagonal rod supporting function, simple and fast erection of cantilever structure scaffold.
2. Set up mobile operation frame, safe and reliable.
3. Set up safety ladder, which is simple, fast and easy to transport.

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