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Structure diagram

The multi-functional scaffold with turnbuckle is an upgraded product after the bowl buckle scaffold. The vertical pole of the scaffold is 60mm in diameter, 48mm in diameter and with wall thickness 3.2mm Q355b steel pipe is the main component. The disc has diameter of 135mm and a thickness of 122mm. There are 8 holes on the disc, and there are connection holes for horizontal and diagonal bars.

Use and characteristics of scaffold

Support design of general viaduct and other bridge works, tunnel works, plant, viaduct water tower, power plant, oil refinery and special plant. It is also applicable to the projects of overpass, span scaffold, storage shelf, chimney, water tower, indoor and outdoor decoration, large concert stage, background frame, stand, auditorium, modeling frame, stair system, stage erection of evening party, sports competition stand, etc.

  • multi-function. According to the specific construction requirements, the composition modulus is 0.5m The construction equipment with multiple functions, such as single row and double row scaffolds, support frames and support columns, and can make curve layout。
  • The basic structure and special parts can make the system suitable for various structural buildings.
  • Economical and time efficiency. The construction splicing speed is 0.5 times faster than the bowl buckle scaffold, reducing labor time and labor remuneration, reducing freight and reducing the comprehensive cost.
  • The joint structure is reasonable, the operation is easy, light and simple.
  • Large bearing capacity. The axial force transmission of upright pole makes the whole scaffold have three-dimensional space, high structural strength, good overall stability, reliable axial shear resistance of disc, and the axes of various members intersect at one point, and the overall stability strength is 200% higher than that of bowl buckle scaffold.
  • Safe and reliable. Independent wedge inserted self-locking structure is adopted. Due to interlock and gravity, the plug of horizontal bar can not be detached even if the pin is not knocked tightly. The plug-in has the function of self-locking, which can be locked or removed by pressing the bolt. In addition, the contact surface between the fastener and the pillar is large, which improves the bending strength of the steel pipe, and ensures that when the two are combined, the pillar will not skew.
  • The comprehensive benefit is good. The component series is standardized and convenient for transportation management. No scattered and easily lost components, low loss, less investment in the later stage.

Six advantages of turnbuckle scaffold
  • Save Worry
    1. No missing parts, reduce the loss;
    2. The operation tools are simple and the erection and dismantling are simple;
    3. One stop service makes customers more worry free;
  • High Efficiency
    1. Fixing is simple: the bolt is self-locking, which saves working hours and labor;
    2. Easy to assemble and disassemble: simple construction, integrated bolt rod, quick assembly;
    3. Easy to handle: block hoisting or overall movement of wheel slide
  • Save Money
    1. Less steel: less than 1 / 3 of the bowl mouth rack;
    2. Less construction time: less than 1 / 5 of the bowl mouth frame, saving labor;
    3. Save wood, transportation cost: no wood, transportation cost is 1 / 3 of the bowl rack;
    4. Less loss: basically no loss.
  • Beautiful
    1. Adopting hot-dip galvanizing technology, the appearance of the frame is silver gray metal color, the color is beautiful and unified, which is conducive to improving the overall image of the project;
    2. The erection frame is "horizontal", "horizontal" and "vertical", simple in structure, and the overall image of the project is particularly beautiful
  • Environmental protection
    1. The frame keel is designed with turnover steel or aluminum beam, which does not need batten and can save a lot of wood;

    2. Less steel consumption: at least ½-2/3 less than traditional bowl type scaffold
  • Security
    1. Product quality is the basis of safety: q355 low carbon alloy structural steel is used for all kinds of horizontal bars and vertical bars, which is much larger than Q235 ordinary carbon steel pipe used for traditional scaffolds
Industry norms
  • Code for safety of building works, formwork and scaffold works:
  • GB50666-2011 code for construction of concrete structures;
  • JGj128-2010 technical code for safety of portal steel tube scaffold in construction;
  • JGJ130-2011130-2011 technical code for safety of steel tubular scaffold with couplers in construction;
  • JGJ162-2008 technical code for safety of construction formwork;
  • JGJ166-2008 technical code for safety of bowl type scaffold in construction;
  • JGJ202-2010 technical code for safety of construction tool scaffold;
  • JGJ231-2010 technical code for safety of steel pipe bracket with spigot and spigot in construction

Notice of HJA [2019] No. 348 "promotion standard for civilized construction of housing construction engineering

further implement the work requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, take the construction of "first-class city" as the goal, improve the civilized construction standard of Shanghai construction project, and improve the image of project construction, on the basis of the implementation of the regulations of Shanghai on the management of civilized construction (Order No. 48 of Shanghai municipal government) and the code of civilized construction (dgj08-2102), the "promotion of civilized construction of housing construction project" is specially formulated Standards (hereinafter referred to as "lifting standards"), please follow:

1、 Scope of implementation

(1) Housing construction projects with an area of 10000 square meters or more within the outer ring road;
(2) Apply for building construction projects of municipal civilized construction sites;
(3) Building construction projects with the construction site 15 meters or less away from sensitive buildings such as residential buildings, hospitals and schools.

Process flow and workshop layou

Analysis on the advantages of socket and spigot scaffold and traditional steel pipe

Quality control